Loveís Entrepreneurís Cup overcomes pandemic to conduct virtual competition

Published: Thursday, June 11, 2020 By: Staff Reports Source: Press Release

Student entrepreneurs from college campuses across Oklahoma pitched winning business plans online to virtual panels of judges in the recent Love’s Entrepreneur’s Cup competition that awarded $158,000 in cash prizes and scholarships.

Oral presentations in the 2020 Love’s Cup were done via a videoconferencing platform as the competition pivoted away from live competition to ensure social distancing because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Managed by i2E, Inc., the competition presented itself as #LovesCupIsUnstoppable.

More than 100 students converged from distant locations in Zoom meeting rooms to pitch their concepts to Oklahoma investors and business leaders serving as judges.

After watching the presentations from their own remote locations, judges then ranked the top three teams in the Small Business, High Growth Undergraduate and High Growth Graduate divisions.

The announcements of winning teams also took place over the Zoom platform with a virtual awards ceremony as an audience of students, advisors and sponsors watched from remote locations across the state.

Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell told the announcement audience that innovators like those competing in the Love’s Cup are critical to lifting the country out of the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic.

“Through this crisis we are in, I believe it will be the case that the entrepreneurs, the businesses and the innovation that we see right now is what will lead this state and this country into the future,” Pinnell said. “Congratulations to you all for getting to this point and for your passion for entrepreneurship and building businesses.’

Team Argus from Oklahoma Christian University claimed first place and a $10,000 prize in the Small Business competition. Argus pitched a concept to collect information on a person’s physical health using motion capture technology and through bio-mechanical analysis software provide vital biofeedback about their movement and physical health.

Argus team members were Sydni Lehr, team leader, and Vinicius Alves, Derrick Karake and Caleb Davis. Advisor was Seth Reiter.

Novel Neuro from the University of Tulsa was first place winner in the High Growth Undergraduate Division, winning a $20,000 award. Novel Neuro developed a patent-pending cognitive assessment platform that more accurately identifies falsified claims of brain injuries.

Novel Neuro team members were Brittanie Whitney, team leader, Faith Nichols, Sophie Zehetner and Lena Schmenn. Advisor was Chris Wright.

Team Juno from the University of Oklahoma won first place and $20,000 in the High Growth Graduate Division. Juno offers a line of biodegradable pregnancy and ovulation tests that aims to reduce the vast volume of plastic waste accrued from 20

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