Responding to opportunity: Young manís entrepreneurial dream leads to Oklahoma

Published: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 By: Chip Minty Source: The Journal Record

When Martin Lien was in second grade, he liked to charge his classmates $2 a pop to decorate their erasers with tattoos. At the time, it was just a way to earn money for candy, but the young Norwegian national later realized he had a passion for free enterprise.

So, at age 20, he decided to move to the bastion of free enterprise and enroll in one of the nation’s top schools for budding entrepreneurs. That decision led him in 2015 to the University of Oklahoma, where he joined a fraternity, learned everything he could about fitting in as an American and studied entrepreneurialism.

Now an OU graduate, Lien is the chief executive officer of an Oklahoma-grown startup called Respond Flow, a technology company he and three friends from OU launched from their Oklahoma City home last year.

Backed by two Oklahoma-based venture capital firms, Respond Flow is operating out of offices in Tulsa, and Lien kicked the enterprise into high gear last week by launching a new, even larger service platform, allowing for international expansion.

“The story is a testament that the American dream is still alive,” Lien says.

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