Stillwater company lands contract for devices that detect harmful chemicals

Published: Thursday, August 20, 2020 By: Dale Denwalt Source: NewsOK

A local technology company received a $2.47 million defense contract for its chemical-sensing wearable badges.

The U.S. Air Force Rapid Innovation Fund awarded the contract to XploSafe, which developed technology to capture air samples and detect the presence of harmful chemicals and gases.

The wearable badge determines if the user has been exposed and in what concentrations.

Personnel with the Naval Submarine Medical Research Lab and the U.S. Air Force will wear the badges, called XCel+, on their uniforms, similar to an identification badge. The XCel+ badge would be tested periodically to determine if the individual had been exposed to harmful concentrations of chemicals. This technology will provide military leadership the information required to decide if and when the military personnel should be removed from an environment to prevent undesired exposure.

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