Air Force partners with OSU to advance engineering research

Published: Friday, September 25, 2020 By: Chamber Staff Source: VeloCity

The United States Air Force and Oklahoma State University have agreed to a five-year partnership that will develop cutting-edge research projects and create new educational opportunities for students and service members.

The Air Force, by way of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex (OC-ALC) located at Tinker Air Force Base, and OSU, through several colleges including the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, will pursue joint research in areas such as radar and related sensing and communications systems, computer engineering, flight dynamics, aero propulsion and power and many more. The partnership will provide OSU faculty and students opportunities to work in conjunction with USAF members to conduct research and develop solutions to real-world problems.

The partnership will be enhanced by the cooperative engineering programs opening at the OSU Discover building in the Oklahoma City Innovation District. Through the program, students will take classes in the building in the morning then work as paid interns with Tinker and its contractors in the afternoon. 

In July, Baker Hughes donated its building at NE 10th Street and Interstate 235 to OSU, which is now called OSU Discovery.

The mutually beneficial partnership aims to guide engineering curriculum and enhance local engineering education, provide a formal information exchange vehicle between OC-ALC and OSU on key technological issues and enhance the development and transfer of dual-use technologies. Also, both parties see this as an opportunity to encourage service members and veterans to pursue further education at OSU in hopes of advancing their careers within or outside of the military.

“This partnership means a wonderful opportunity for both [the Air Force and OSU] to work toward a mutual goal,” said OSU President Burns Hargis.

The partnership will allow for the use of and access to information that both parties wouldn’t have under normal circumstances, including the use of state-of-the art equipment and facilities, access to expert faculty in varying fields and unique perspectives and background knowledge from student program participants.

“This is a transformational partnership for the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex and OSU to work together toward a common goal,” said Brig. Gen. Jeffrey King. “We hope it ignites a spark of companionship that will allow both entities to benefit from the intellectual and physical capital each other possesses.”

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