Generation USA workforce program considering OKC launch

Published: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 By: Chamber Staff Source: The POINT!

Generation USA, an organization built to help close the skills gap present across the United States, is considering launching a program in Oklahoma City focused on information technology, customer service and back-office career training, hiring and long-term mentorship. 

The organization is a spin-off nonprofit of McKinsey and Company consulting, with a mission of creating new job opportunities for underserved communities without traditional access to talent development, training and programming. The organization recently received a national grant from a major telecomm company to scale operations in the United States, with a plan to train and hire 500,000 new employees.

Generation is considering Oklahoma City for a new training/matchmaking hub. The training to potential employees is free and the only requirement for employers is a commitment to interview candidates coming from the program. The program will work with existing local training providers to deliver services and can include custom services for companies.

“We have met with several local companies who have expressed interest in participating in the program,” said Jeff Seymour, executive vice president, economic development for the Chamber. “For Oklahoma City to be included, we need to identify and show demand for the program. Ultimately they need seven-to-10 partner companies who regularly hire in IT, back-office, customer service, and digital marketing fields to sign up to be partners.”

Generation was launched in 2015 and is working with more than 25 professions in 14 countries. The organization has almost 3,800 employer partners. There is an 81% graduation rate from program. They have shown return-on-investment gains by delivering longer retention, higher productivity/quality levels, and faster speed to promotion.

The program targets those recently laid off with little prospect of re-employment, unemployed or underemployed learners looking to change careers, and opportunity youth aged 18-29 who are disconnected from workforce and education pathways.

If you are interested in the program and want to learn more about a potential partnership, reach out to Jeff Seymour at

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