OKC entrepreneur profile: Ryan Bupp

Published: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 By: Marcus Elwell Source: VeloCity

Ryan Bupp is the founder of Quest to Learn. Through Quest to Learn, Bupp aims to help learning and studying become more fun by bridging the gap between game developer and the end user. Quest to Learn makes game development simpler for the designer and more easy to customize for teachers and parents. 

VeloCity recently sat down with Bupp to discuss Quest to Learn and the startup community in Oklahoma City.

VeloCity: In your own words, what is Quest to Learn?

Bupp: We are allowing schools and students to take their homework, quiz questions and reuse them in fun, online games. We’ve found educational games broadly fall into two categories. The first is one big game that's focused on a specific subject, similar to Prodigy. It's this vast adventure, but you're playing math. The issue with that is it's only one subject and it's only a certain amount of time, or the kids might not like that kind of game.

And then you have games, like Kahoot!, that does allow you to put in some multiple-choice information and study, but the only option is an online quiz game. And even in that game, there are not many options. For example, as soon as the question is asked, those milliseconds are going down and your score is going down, and so the children who think faster and respond faster win every time in their class.

The problem that I am trying to solve is using your homework and quiz questions in different games. You have to separate the two. What Quest to Learn really is, is it's an online API that allows game developers to get access to that information so that you can build your own experience.

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