Community investment in biosciences leads to the ultimate “win-win”

Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 By: Scott Meacham Source: Bio International

At i2E our mission is to invest in entrepreneurs to build successful high growth companies in Oklahoma. While the world of investing can be complicated, the ultimate goal, like our mission, is pretty straightforward. We are looking to create “win-win” scenarios in our community.

We invest in Oklahoma-based startups, more than 745 in our 22-year history, because we know that successful, innovative small businesses make a positive impact on our state’s economy.

However, a good investment is not simply about supplying capital. We work directly with entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow their businesses. Smart investment is also about nurturing your assets to help ensure success.

In Oklahoma, we have seen that what works for launching startups also translates to the community level. Oklahoma is proof that communities strategically investing in their local bioscience sectors create an undeniable “win-win” for themselves.

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