These college students built an RC airplane designed to break the sound barrier

Published: Friday, June 4, 2021 By: Dale Denwalt Source: NewsOK

This airplane, designed and built by college students, goes fast.

Very fast.

Project Boom is an international student-led collaborative effort to design and build a radio-controlled aircraft that can break the sound barrier. Members of the team showed off a 3-D printed prototype during a tour of Kratos Defense's manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City.

Co-founder and team leader Colin Watson is a student at the University of Oklahoma, who partnered with Oklahoma State University grad Cole Replogle to launch the project. Several members of the international collaborative team were in Oklahoma City recently to meet with Steve Fendley, president of Kratos Defense's unmanned division, and to get a look at where some of the most advanced military drones in the world are built.

Kratos has provided mentorship and support to Project Boom, which now has a prototype that's ready for its first flight. The team hopes to go supersonic, around 760 miles per hour, while breaking the world speed record for RC aircraft.

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