Oklahoma City's MMAC completes major transition for shared services

Published: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 By: Chamber Staff

Oklahoma City’s FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center continues to grow in stature as a leading shared service provider to federal agencies across the country, having just completed a major transition to bring financial and procurement services for the Office of Personnel Management into its system.

“The Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center has a long history of financial management and shared services for other federal agencies,” explained Center Director Michelle Coppedge. “The Center’s Enterprise Services Center currently performs financial management services for 35 different federal agencies. Financial system services are the core offering of the ESC, complemented by security, system management and procurement services.”

The 20-year history of success in the operation attracted OPM to the Center. “We really bring an economy of scale to the agencies we serve,” explained Coppedge. “We can lower the overall fixed cost for an agency and save money for our customers, particularly for any agency with older systems. The cost to buy and convert to a new system can be very high, and we can really help customers by integrating them into our ESC financial systems.”

The services center first began working with OPM in 2017, providing hosting services for the agency. The conversion of the financial and procurement system was accomplished over the last two years and was finally completed just last month.

“The completion of our migration to ESC’s Delphi platform marks a major milestone in our commitment to be a leader in the federal government for financial management. It also demonstrates the results that can be achieved when federal agencies collaborate on delivering solutions to serve the American taxpayer,” said Dennis Coleman, OPM’s chief financial officer.

Coppedge said the size of this project and its success is already having a positive impact on the service center’s operations. “The addition of OPM, which is such a large customer, really grows our base and lowers the cost for all of the customers in our portfolio,” she said.

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