Q&A with the president of DeatschWerks, David Deatsch

Published: Friday, August 20, 2021 By: Perrin Clore Duncan Source: VeloCity

We sat down with David Deatsch, the president of Greater OKC Chamber member DeatschWerks to hear more about his business and experience as an entrepreneur in Oklahoma City. An Oklahoma native, David has turned his passion for cars into a career, creating jobs and opportunity for the community. 

VeloCityOKC: Tell us a little about your background, and what brought you to begin DeatschWerks.

David Deatsch: Most people think I must have been an engineer before DW, however, my education is actually in Microbiology and Biochemistry.  I worked in a research lab after graduating OU, but always tinkered with cars as a hobby. DeatschWerks was actually born in my garage tinkering with my own fuel injectors trying to get more performance out of them. What I figured out for myself worked for buddies’ cars too and before long I had all sorts of car guys coming to me for bigger injectors. The hobby turned into a side-hustle and then a full-time job, then a legit small business. All of that was being run out of my suburban Edmond garage.  I thought we would have a garage-based business for years to come, but we outgrew that space in 3 months!

What are some of the most unique products that you manufacture?

Our DW440 fuel pump is a pretty unique product and one we are very proud of.  It was the first in-tank brushless fuel pump in the aftermarket industry.  Brushless motors (like the ones in your drill) are more efficient, more powerful, and more compact than traditional motors. So, our DW440 brushless fuel pump is one of our smallest pumps but also one of our most powerful. Also, because it’s brushless, it is compatible with all fuels including methanol, ethanol, and diesel.

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