Onward OKC another example of the power of partnership

Published: Friday, May 6, 2022 By: Roy Williams Source: VeloCity Newsletter

Last month, five of the largest CareerTech centers in the Greater Oklahoma City metro announced the formation of Onward OKC, a new compact designed to allow for better, more streamlined access to training for both businesses and employees alike.

How did this compact come about? The Chamber’s Talent and Business Growth team spends a great deal of time talking with and listening to local business owners and managers, surveying them on their needs, barriers to growth, what’s working for them and what’s not in our local economy and ecosystem. One of the things we heard was although the managers that had worked with our CareerTech system often found they were able to provide superb training and other services for businesses and their employees, many times businesses were confused about which CareerTech was responsible for what types of education, whom to contact, and how the system worked, especially when employees may need vastly different types of skills or perhaps across multiple locations. In short, often it was not a “customer-friendly” experience for businesses.

To their credit, when faced with this information, our local CareerTech leadership stepped up to make positive changes to the overall experience for customers and reduce some naturally occurring competitiveness that had crept in between their respective entities over the years. As you can imagine, cultural change of any sort is not an easy thing to accomplish, yet it was the right thing to do, and these leaders delivered.

Like many of our successes in Oklahoma City over the years, this is yet another example of the progress we can make when we work together and pull on the same rope. I want to congratulate and thank these leaders for their foresight and magnanimity in putting the needs of their students and businesses first, again creating a success story borne from a spirit of partnership, working together to make Oklahoma City better. This is something I hope we do not lose sight of as we continue to grow.

This story originally appeared in the May 2022 edition of the VeloCity newsletter.

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