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A Team of Your Own

The Greater Oklahoma City Partnership offers a multitalented team of economic development specialists who can work with you on your project. These specialists, from economic development organizations; city, county or state governments; utilities; or education entities and services work together under one cohesive team to meet your specifications - delivering rapid response times and optimizing your new Greater Oklahoma City location.

Information Services

We will provide that data you need in the 10-county aggregate, one county at a time, or any other way you specify. And we'll provide it in the form you prefer - via email, secured Web site, fax or overnight delivery. We'll not only provide you with data on our region, but also comparative data on other markets to help you make the best comparison of our strengths. These valuable demographic and operating cost comparisons will provide valuable insight on Greater Oklahoma City's advantages. Explore the data to begin this comparison now.

Web-Based Property Locator

This one-stop, web-based business portal gathers economic, planning, utility, geographic and demographic information into one dynamic resource. Available sites from throughout the region are entered and updated on an ongoing basis. Visit to see our available properties or learn more about our market.

Greater Oklahoma City Partnership Services

  • Professional site location assistance
  • Professional business retention and expansion (BRE) services
  • Professional bioscience, aerospace and entrepreneurial assistance
  • Comprehensive research modeling
  • Identification of available real estate
  • Hosting of site tours
  • Workforce analysis
  • Assistance with permitting and numerous other processes
  • Assistance with determining financial resources
  • Work with state and local partners for incentives and training benefits
  • Host / connect with key groups such as investors, developers and bankers
  • Manage Strategic Investment Program (SIP) and Emerging Technology Fund (ETF) application process for Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust (OCEDT)
  • And more

Contact us today, or view contact information from partnership members below.

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Eric Anderson

Organization: F&M Bank
Title: President
1216 Piedmont Rd.
Piedmont, Oklahoma 73078
Phone: 405-373-1600

Josh Atkinson

Organization: F&M Bank
Title: Assistant Vice President
1216 Piedmont Rd.
Piedmont, Oklahoma 73078
Phone: 405-373-1600

Robert Babcock

Organization: Oklahoma Natural Gas Company
P. O. Box 401
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101-0401
Oklahoma County
Phone: (800) 664-5463

Elisabeth Baker

Organization: Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce
Title: Executive Director
220 W Main St
Purcell, Oklahoma 73080
McClain County
Phone: (405) 527-3093

Greg Banta

Organization: Community Consultants
Phone: (405) 609-1666

Marcie Behrens

Organization: City of Tuttle
Title: Community Development Coordinator
221 W Main St.
Tuttle, Oklahoma 73089
Grady County
Phone: (405) 381-3775

Marsha Blair

Organization: City of Slaughterville
Title: Town Administrator
10701 U.S. Hwy 77
Lexington, Oklahoma 73051
Cleveland County
Phone: (405) 872-3000

Joe Blough

Organization: Oklahoma County
Title: Chief Deputy Commissioner
320 Robert S. Kerr, Ste. 202
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
Oklahoma County
Phone: (405) 713-1501

The Honorable Dan Boren

Organization: The Chickasaw Nation
Title: President Corporate Development Dept of Commerce
4001 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
Oklahoma County
Phone: (405) 767-8921

Edward Brown

Organization: City of Choctaw
Title: City Manager
PO Box 567
Choctaw, Oklahoma 73020
Oklahoma County
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