Expansion and Relocation Financing
All businesses, large and small alike, need financing. But what financing resources might be availablefor you? A wide variety of federal, state, and local tax credit and loan programs could be at your fingertips. Contact us to learn more about these funds and credits and how you might be able to best leverage them to improve your business.

Small Business Administration - Oklahoma City Office, Staff Directory
The U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses.

REI - Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma, Inc.
REI Oklahoma has focused on cultivating an environment conducive to economic growth and job creation for more than three decades. With offices throughout Oklahoma, we work closely with lenders statewide to help businesses thrive by zeroing in on relationship-building and person-to-person outreach, helping entrepreneurs navigate through business resources and REI Business Lending programs.

OIFA - Oklahoma Industrial Finance Authority
The Oklahoma Industrial Finance Authority is a constitutional authority established for the public good with the responsibility of aiding and assisting Oklahoma's industrial development and thereby provide additional employment.

Venture Capital
Greater Oklahoma City boasts a myriad of organizations that provide Venture Capital financing. Take a look:

Oklahoma Seed Capital Fund
The Oklahoma Seed Capital Fund is a state-supported investment fund that provides concept, seed and start-up equity investments to the state’s innovative businesses. The fund looks for opportunities that show promise of rapid growth in terms of revenue, increased employment and increased private investment capital in Oklahoma companies. Investment terms are typically convertible debt or preferred equity. Investment decisions involve a rigorous due diligence process.

Technology Business Finance Program (TBFP)
OCAST’s Technology Business Finance Program (TBFP) provides funding for high-tech companies that are just starting out or established needing to evaluate the marketability of a new technology. TBFP is administered through a contract with a private not-for-profit company, i2E Inc.

Oklahoma Life Science Fund
With over twenty years of industry experience working in management consulting, large pharma, and venture capital, OLSF contributes many diverse perspectives to our portfolio companies.

Oklahoma Capital Investment Board (with links to other VC firms with offices in Oklahoma)
For more than 20 years, the Oklahoma Capital Investment Board has worked to cultivate Oklahoma's venture capital industry, launching Oklahomans as venture capitalists and drawing outside venture firms to the state.

i2E (Innovation into Enterprise)
i2E's mission is investing in entrepreneurs to build successful high growth companies in Oklahoma. For the past 17 years i2E has provided business expertise and funding to more than 650 of Oklahoma's emerging small businesses. 




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