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Year after year, statistics show that Oklahoma City’s most impactful job growth comes from small businesses just like yours.

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Small Business Assistance

We know starting and running a business can be tough – especially in today’s environment. Let the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Team help you maximize your potential.

"The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber's BRE Team assisted in getting us in touch with resource providers and other tools to help small business succeed in our industry."
-Tracy Latham Starline, Inc.

How? It's easy: Simply contact us and let us help find solutions to your issues.

Entrepreneurs in OKC Resources for entrepreneurs

Training / Workforce Development
Oklahoma's CareerTech System and Training for Industry Program (TIP) have received national recognition and have helped more than 1,700 companies to date in Oklahoma. But it's not just large corporation that can benefit from the various training and workforce development programs. 

Financing Resources
All businesses, large and small alike, need financing. But what financing resources might be available for you? A wide variety of federal, state, and local tax credit and loan programs could be at your fingertips. Our Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Team can help you learn more about these funds and credits and how you might be able to best leverage them to improve your business.

Infrastructure Needs
Location can impact success in a variety of ways. Sometimes the perfect spot doesn't always contain the ideal infrastructure setup for your business' unique needs. Street access, power, water and other factors can be big determinants to your bottom line. Our BRE Team can help find ways to maximize your enterprise’s infrastructure.

"The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber's BRE staff was extremely professional and eager to help in any way, especially in helping us uncover any possible incentive programs that could give us an advantage."
-Mike Bosley, President
Beam’s Industries, Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, incentives aren’t just for businesses moving into the area, there are a number of programs for local companies expanding. What about a BID district? Tax Increment Financing (TIF)? How about the state’s Quality Jobs Program (QJP) and the City's new Strategic Investment Program (SIP)? The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber's BRE Team can help you learn more about your options. Let us help you find out for what programs might work for you.

Helping facilitate smoother, more profitable operations for our business partners is a big priority for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. That’s why our Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Team, in partnership with the City of Oklahoma City, can’t wait to help you solve problems.

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